Commercial Service

We provide commercial pest control services for a variety of establishments. Our commercial clients include restaurants, convenience stores, apartment buildings, banks, laboratories, and control rooms.

The presence of rodents or insects in a business is embarrassing and may lead to the loss of existing or potential customers.

Our outdoor preventive service keeps pests from returning. This perimeter protection system uses exclusion, trapping and baiting techniques, combined with the use of specially selected products applied to the perimeter of the building. Most of the work is performed outside; the service is not disruptive to customers, employees, or patrons.

Regular professional inspections are done year round and initial clean outs. Corrective and preventative services as well as personalized regular maintenance programs are included in the service.

We use several approaches in management Integrated Pest Management or IPM, such as sanitation, mechanical, exclusion and mechanical applications are all utilized. The inspection process is continuous.

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